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Drug injury legal cases usually involve personal injury claims or wrongful death claims filed on behalf of people who unfortunately experienced serious side effects or an adverse drug reaction while using a prescription medication.

Some unsafe drugs have been the subject of a safety alert or an FDA drug recall, while other drugs remain on the market with a so-called ” black-box” warning.

If you, relatives, or friends need legal advice or legal representation for a personal injury lawsuit or a wrongful death lawsuit involving a drug side effect, the Law Offices of Thomas J. Lamb is here to help.  To get started, you can submit a Drug Injury Law Case Review or you can call Tom Lamb on our toll-free number: (800) 426-9535.

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Legal & Medical News: Featured Article

Like Depakote, Stavzor Can Cause Liver Failure, Usually During First 6 Months; Children Under Age 2 Are At A Higher Risk, As Are Patients with Mitochondrial Disease

Black-Box Warning Added To Stavzor Label Announced By FDA In March 2014, Almost Full Year After Similar Label Change For Depakote Hepatotoxicity

SUMMARY: We are looking into why there was an apparent delay of 10 months in either (1) Noven Therapeutics adding a Hepatotoxicity Black-Box Warning to the Stavzor label, or (2) the FDA announcing this “new” Stavzor-induced liver failure increased warning.

In more detail, Stavzor, a lesser known valproic acid medication from Noven Therapeutics, LLC apparently had a so-called “Black-Box” Warning, or Boxed Warning, about Hepatotoxicity and hepatic failure, or liver failure, added to its label in March 2014. This is 10 months after a substantially identical Black Box Warning was added to Depakote, Depacon, and Depakene — also valproic acid medicines — by AbbVie Inc. (formerly Abbott) back in May 2013.

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