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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) From Potential Clients


It’s How We Work That Distinguishes Us


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Attorney Tom Lamb

QUESTION #1: Can you give me a one-sentence explanation of the Contract terms about how and when I pay your firm for its legal services? Do I have to spend any money up-front?

ANSWER: We handle these cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning that there is no payment for our legal services until (if and when) we are successful in getting legal compensation for you.

QUESTION #2: Why is it that some other lawyers want me to quickly sign a Contract, before they even know much about me or my possible case?

ANSWER: You can only sign a Contract with one law firm to handle your case, and you should want to know about, as well as be comfortable with, the lawyer you will be hiring to work on your behalf.

At our firm the timing of when we send our Contract of Representation is guided by the mutually beneficial ideas that a potential client should take time to get to know more about us (or any law firm) and we need to do some work in order to learn more about their case before we commit to one another.

Beware, and understand, that some lawyers (and their legal assistants or paralegals) will want you to sign their Contract the very next day after you contacted them. That is because this “first” law firm now has your case locked-up, exclusively, such that you are no longer able to speak with any other lawyer or law firm about how they may have handled your case. This tactic probably benefits the eager lawyer’s law firm — but it often is not in the client’s best interest to rush when deciding what law firm is right to handle your case.

QUESTION #3: What is the law firm’s position on class actions vs. individual lawsuits? Which is better for my personal injury or wrongful death case?

ANSWER: We believe people who had a serious injury, or the family of someone who has died, are better served when an individual lawsuit is filed on their behalf. A serious injury or death case should not be filed as part of any class action together with the claims of many other people who may have had different injuries or, even, no injury at all.

Put otherwise, a class action is probably not the best way to handle a serious injury or death case. If the case cannot be settled successfully, you are better off to have your own individual lawsuit filed at the courthouse and get your day in court.

The firm does not put any of its clients into class action lawsuits. Rather, we always take an individual case approach, which allows us to give personal attention to our clients from start to finish.

QUESTION #4: You offer a free case evaluation. What does that mean?

ANSWER: We want the opportunity to review your possible personal injury or wrongful death case. You can tell us about your case by submitting an online Case Evaluation form. Unlike many other legal web sites, we use a specific evaluation form for each different type of case in order to make clear the type of facts and information we need to effectively evaluate your potential case. You will usually get a reply from attorney Tom Lamb no later than the next business day to any Case Evaluation form you submit. In the alternative, you can call anytime on our toll-free number, 800-426-9535, to discuss a possible case with us.

QUESTION #5: If you accept my case for further investigation because it has some prospects based upon the basic and limited information submitted at the start, what does your firm do after that?

ANSWER: Our investigation would begin with you completing, at your convenience, our case specific Questionnaire — which we could send to you in a PDF format that can be completed on your computer and returned to us by email, or send in the regular mail with a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Following our receipt and review of the completed Questionnaire, Mr. Lamb would be in touch with you to give his further impressions about this possible case based on this new information.

If the information indicated that the prospects were good for getting you legal compensation, we would prepare medical records authorization forms for your signature so that we could collect the relevant medical records.

At that time, also, we would send to you our Contract of Representation for your case for you to sign and return to us if you decide to retain our firm to work on your behalf.

QUESTION #6: How does your law firm keep me and your other clients in-the-know about what is going on with their case in terms of your investigation, to start, and going forward from there?

ANSWER: First and foremost, each time a client sends us any information or materials pertaining to their case we will send an “acknowledgment” email to them as a confirmation of receipt.

As the case goes from investigation to a filed lawsuit and moving toward trial or settlement, we will report to you the significant developments concerning your case, and will consistently do so in a timely manner.

When you have any concern or question about your case, either Mr. Lamb or the paralegal assigned to your case will be available to respond, depending on the nature of your inquiry.

And you should never hesitate to contact us, because it is always our job to make sure that you know and understand what your case is about.

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