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Digitek Information

What is Digitek?

Digitek (digoxin tablets) is used in the treatment of congestive heart failure and other heart problems. It improves the strength and efficiency of your heart, leading to better circulation of blood and reduction of the uncomfortable swelling that is common in people with congestive heart failure.

In April 2008, Actavis Totowa LLC notified healthcare professionals of a Class I nationwide recall of all strengths of Digitek due to the possibility that tablets with double the appropriate thickness may contain twice the approved level of active ingredient. If taken inadvertently, the double dose poses a risk of ditigalis toxicity, especially in patients with renal failure. Digitalis toxicity can cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness, low blood pressure, cardiac instabililty, and bradycardia (slow heart rate).

Digitek MDL (Multidistrict Litigation) Assigned To Southern District Of West Virginia
All pending Digitek cases and all future Digitek lawsuits filed in the federal court system will be centralized for discovery purposes in the Southern District of West Virginia before Judge Joseph R. Goodwin, in the case captioned In Re: Digitek Products Liability Litigation, MDL No. 1968, JPMDL.

FDA Issues Digitek Recall In April 2008 Because Defective Tablets Are Too Potent
On April 28, 2008 a MedWatch Safety Alert about Digitek (digoxin tablets) was issued by the FDA announcing a nationwide Class I recall of all lots of Digitek pills distributed by Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. under a "Bertek" label and by UDL Laboratories, Inc. under a "UDL" label. Digitek is usually prescribed for the treatment of arrhythmias and heart failure.

A Week After Heart Drug Manufacturing Problem Is Announced, Pharmacist Says Digitek Recall Facts Remain "Sketchy"
A May 2, 2008 interview with local pharmacist Mark McKenzie by NBC affiliate KSDK in St. Louis, Missouri, included an observation that some important facts surrounding a late April 2008 recall of Digitek (digoxin) pills are less than clear one week afterwards. In his interview, pharmacist McKenzie characterized the currently available information about this Digitek recall as "sketchy" even though, in his estimation, the defective pills presented an "immediate" problem which deserved immediate action.

Digitek and Legal Compensation
Legal compensation claims involving a Digitek adverse side effect or death are best made by filing an individual lawsuit as opposed to a class action. All states have statutes of limitations that determine the time period allowed to file a Digitek lawsuit. The applicable statute of limitation, or deadline to file claims, varies from state to state, and the personal injury statute of limitation deadline can be different from the wrongful death statute of limitation deadline within the same state.

Digitek Class Actions
We believe that people who had a serious Digitek injury or suffered a death due to Digitek toxicity are better served when an individual lawsuit is filed on their behalf.

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Drug Injury Watch: Digitek News Commentary

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