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Depakote / Depakene / Depacon: Medical Malpractice Cases


Background information on Depakote / Depakene / Depacon / Stavzor:
  • Ingredient: valproic acid (valproate)
  • Manufactured by AbbVie Inc. (formerly Abbott)
  • Used either alone or with other medicines to treat:
    • manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder
    • complex partial seizures in adults and children 10+ years of age
    • migraine headaches
    • simple and complex absence seizures, with or without other seizure types


Possible Fetal Side Effects:
(According to the FDA Drug Labels)
  • Major congenital malformations, particularly neural tube defects (e.g., spina bifida)
  • Decreased IQ scores following in utero exposure
  • Increased rates of other major congenital malformations, such as craniofacial and cardiovascular defects. For example:
    • cleft palate
    • heart defects (such as atrial septal defect)
    • polydactyly (multiple fingers or toes)
    • craniosynostosis (premature closure of sutures in skull)
    • hypospadias (abnormal location of urethra in males)


Basis of Medical Malpractice Cases:
  • The patient should not have been prescribed Depakote / Depakene / Depacon / Stavzor
  • The doctor did not adequately warn the patient of the possible side effects of Depakote / Depakene / Depacon / Stavzor

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